Four Star Alarm “Four Star Alarm EP”

Album Reviews | Nov 4th, 2006

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Record Label: Thick Records
Genre: Post-Punk
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Few things are less pleasant than Chicago-style post-punk, a style of punk that is akin to cheesy alternarock bogged down in heavy distortion to sound cool and edgy. But Four Star Alarm up the ante of irritation by adding emo elements. Thanks guys.

They’re not the worst thing that’s ever come out of Chicago (deep-dish pizza and the Cubs take that honor), and I was able to sit through the whole album. Granted, it’s an 18-minute 5-song EP, but I’m not known for my patience. I guess if you can stand listening to grunge rock in a wind tunnel, aka “Chicago post-punk,” you might enjoy their cohesiveness and the strong vocal melodies. But I don’t and I didn’t.

Bottom Line: Sludgy grungy post-punk with heartfelt vox.
Notable Tracks: None
Overall Rating: