The Framed – “Countless Ways of Self-Destruction”

Album Reviews | Jul 5th, 2005

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Record Label: Reality Clash Records
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Another good listen from the label that I have never heard of. Reality Clash Records seems to be putting out the type of music that Epitaph used to…good old-fashioned punk rock music. The Framed are just that, a solid punk rock band that can play more than the usual three chords. “Countless Ways…” contains 12 blazing punk anthems that harkens back to the late 80’s, early 90’s sound. Think of blue-collar punk music much like early Social Distortion, the Bouncing Souls, and the Swingin’ Utters with a dose of the Dropkick Murphys in there for good measure.

Probably the most notable influence right down to the slightly garbled vocals would have to be Social Distortion. There is definitely that greaser punk feel to this album. The songs are fairly steady with an equal balance of fast and slower songs. Once again, I find myself enjoying the best type of punk music from a band that even I have never heard of.

To go with their blue-collar, working class punk theme, the Framed provide us with a soundtrack to their lives. The Framed bring attention to the lackluster punk rock scene and the frustration of the radio stations nowadays. They sing songs about heartache and the girls that cause it and about basically trying to figure out life and your purpose in it. There are some excellent songs on “Countless Ways of Self-Destruction.” There is even an awesome cover of a Shane MacGowan song from his time with a band called the Nips if I’m not mistaken titled “Vengeance.” The only downer about this album would have to be that some of the slower songs seem to drag on a little more than they should. Other than that, the Framed don’t really disappoint.

“Countless Ways of Self-Destruction” is a great punk rock album and the Framed are a band that come from the underground but should be on the big radar screen sometime soon. I would be disappointed if they didn’t garner some attention with their debut release. If you can’t get enough of rockin’ punk rock, you have to give the Framed a listen. They’ll probably be your new favorite band.

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Notable Tracks: Disposition of Desperation, From The Ashes Of The Underground, Sun Never Sets, Vengeance
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