Friends of Friends – “Deep Search”

Album Reviews | May 17th, 2010

Record Label: S/R
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This youthful, almost emo-y, post-hardcore band is going for an angular “progressive” sound with vocal lines out of tandem with minor-key guitars and noisy drumming. While the sloppiness is by design and likely took lots of practice, it comes off sounding inept and dull.

On the plus side, they sound young enough to be doing something poppier (read: emo), so they get points for purposely sounding unappealing. They also don’t scream their heads off, thank Goldblum.

This kind of post-hardcore takes more talent than most gives it credit for, but bad songwriting is just bad songwriting. There’s nothing here that makes me care about these songs or this band.

Bottom Line: I wonder if “Friends of Friends” is a reference to Facebook…
Notable Tracks: N/A
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