Funeral For A Friend “Tales Don’t Tell Themselves”

Album Reviews | Nov 18th, 2007

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Record Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Rock
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I never heard of Funeral For A Friend until I saw them live at the Warped Tour this year. I was surprised I actually liked the band, and the guitarists really got into their songs. Which usually makes for great photos! When I put this album on, I thought I had put on a different album. The intro for it sounded like something out of a Disney movie. But once the guitars and singing starts up, I actually like the song. It’s a rock song and it’s just a snappy lil’ number. Sure, it’s a little wussy-ish, but the singing is great. The singer from FFAF really has a great voice! And I like how he actually sings and doesn’t scream. If you can sing, might as well right? What I like about Funeral For A Friend is how similar it sounds to 80’s rock. The band has some slower tempo songs and some heavier rock songs and they can play both styles really well! Maybe I’m getting soft but I really thought this was a good album. I surprise myself sometimes.

Bottom Line: A rock album with great singing. I like this!
Notable Tracks: Into Oblivion, Great Wide Open, Walk Away
Overall Rating: