Gentleman Caller “Gentleman Caller vs. The Elephant”

Album Reviews | Aug 21st, 2008

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Record Label: MFT Records
Genre: Indie Rock
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I had quite high hopes for this one, and while it doesn’t disappoint, it’s not nearly as good as I think I want it to be. Gentleman Caller are from Indiana and play accessibly poppy indie rock music that, given the amount of members in the band, I figured would have a rich and diverse sound. Unfortunately, on most of the tracks, where background vocals are used minimally and the instrumentation becomes too basic, the band sound like they’re treading water. Fortunately, there are some more interesting and exciting tracks along the way. Lead vocalist Kenny Childers has a very bland and unexciting voice that works best when singing with the rest of the band; in moments like these, the band sounds more focused and interesting. The songwriting is never lacklustre, although this album really seems to lack any songs that really stand out or are really all that memorable. I feel like there’s something brewing here, I’m just not sure the band knows what it is.

Bottom Line: Almost interesting indie rock that feels like it’s missing something.
Notable Tracks: War Drum, Mood Ring
Overall Rating: