Gentlemen Rogues – “A History So Repeating”

Album Reviews | Apr 30th, 2015

Record Label: End Sounds
Genre: Power Pop/Rock
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“A History So Repeating” is the follow up EP to the Gentlemen Rogues debut EP from 2013. This would be my first time listening to the Gentlemen Rogues. Here’s what I have to say…

I’m going to be honest with you, most of the time I cringe when I get an album from an indie rock band for review. I know that there are a million variations of the indie rock genre, but I always seem to get the mellow folky acoustic ones with six minute songs about high school and not being noticed by the opposite sex. I like a lot of genres of music, but that is close to the bottom of my list of likes. Was I kind of expecting that with the Gentlemen Rogues? With my ignorance, yes…is that what I got? Absolutely not at all.

From the first few licks of “Your Armageddon”, I knew that “A History So Repeating” was going to be different and they didn’t disappoint. Power pop is certainly a good description of the Gentlemen Rogues’ sound. The guitars are heavy and only slow down enough to introduce you to a catchy riff. I’m easily reminded of early Weezer with chunky bass and thundering drums setting the stage for a raucous time.

If you’re looking for an indie rock album with a kick, “A History So Repeating” is just what the doctor prescribed. Take six songs and call me in the morning.

Bottom Line: Indie rock with some OOMMPH. Although only an EP, just about every song kicked you in the face.
Notable Tracks: Your Armageddon, Mocking Love Out of Nothing At All, Empathy For The Devil
Overall Rating:


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