Gibby Haynes & His Problem “S/T”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2004

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Record Label: Surfdog Records
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This is the debut solo album from Butthole Surfer front man Gibby Haynes. I’m not a Butthole Surfers fan and never got into their music. It just seemed annoying and complete noise to me. Too psychedelic for my taste. This CD is not really the thing I want to listen to on a daily basis. I think the music works when Gibby isn’t trying to be so damn weird and trying to make me feel like I’m on a bad acid trip.

I think the songs Stop Foolin and Letter are the best songs on the album. Why? Because they are actually somewhat catchy and poppy, but in a hip way! This is worth a listen if you are fan of Gibby and the Butthole Surfers. If you are curious to hear this, might as well find some audio clips on the Internet before buying the CD.

Bottom Line: This isn’t really my thing but there were a few decent songs on here.
Notable Tracks: Stop Foolin, Letter
Overall Rating: