Go Betty Go “Nothing Is More”

Album Reviews | Sep 13th, 2005

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Record Label: Side One Dummy
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I liked Go Betty Go’s debut EP on Side One Dummy and was looking forward to listening to their next album. Go Betty Go are from Cali and getting very popular in both the English & Spanish punk scene. I’m slowly coming around to liking more & more female punk rock and think Go Betty Go has a great sound. The female vocals sounds awesome and not annoying at all. Plus the band plays well together and doesn’t sound messy.

The first song “Saturday” opens the album and you get a good sense of what to expect on this album. Which is catchy hooks and female driven punk rock songs. The music isn’t too poppy and that’s refreshing. I like the track “The Pirate Song” because it features a banjo & keys and the song definitely stands out from the others. Plus pirates are cool… If you are looking for a female punk band that kicks ass, than look no further with Go Betty Go!

Bottom Line: This CD was pretty good and I didn’t have the urge to skip a track.
Notable Tracks: Saturday, The Pirate Song, Runaway
Overall Rating: