Goldblade – “Rebel Songs”

Album Reviews | Oct 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Anarchy Music
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This is Goldblade’s 4th full length album and I never heard of them before but I already like this band! They hail from Manchester, UK and I pretty much dig any UK punk band because they at least, still know how to rock. Too many American bands are becoming too soft and sounding wimpy. The band has that classic melodic punk sound and Brother John Robb’s singing is fierce. There seems to be some other styles of music mixed in there as well like psychobilly.

“Rebel Songs” starts out with their single “Psycho” and I think that’s a good song to start with. It draws you in immediately. You can also watch a video of that on your computer. The next few songs are cool but then I start to notice a decline in quality of songs. They get slower and weirded and I’m just not into as much as the first half of the album. Check out the band this summer over in the UK playing festivals like the Wickerman.

Bottom Line: First half is better than the second half
Notable Tracks: Psycho, Fighting In The Dancehall
Overall Rating: