Guttermouth “Eat Your Face”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Epitaph
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I never got into Guttermouth. Not sure why though, I guess I just never really listened to them. Though they seem like fun guys because they just seem out to piss me off and I like that since I do that myself. This band is so nonPC and that’s just awesome. Everyone is a bunch of tight asses and Guttermouth rubs that into their faces. I especially like the track “The Next Faux Mohican” and love the lyrics in. They make fun of the trendy mohawk hairdos that everyone and their mother have, and attack some bands too. Plus the song is the catchiest tune on the album. This album serves it’s purpose and it’s about having fun and pissing people off and they succeeded. Get this album Guttermouth fans!

Bottom Line: Guttermouth’s back for another album. Watch out, you might get spat on.
Notable Tracks: “Party of Two” “The Next Faux Mohican” “My neighbor’s baby”
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