Hatebreed “The Rise of Brutality”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Third record from CT’s hardcore metal kings! Continuing where the best selling “Perseverance” left off, ‘Rise’ erupts in vicious lyrics with heavy riffs and breakdowns that just makes you as angry as they are. Hell, I don’t know what they are so angry about, really. Jamey Jasta has been hosting the new Headbanger’s Ball on MTV2, and the band has been growing in fan base since their inception. Everything else is growing, except the length of the album like all Hatebreed records. Clocking in at just 32 minutes, ya think they could have given a little bit more. Despite all that, Hatebreed is rocking on this record.

Bottom Line: Definitely, awesome hardcore metal record!
Notable Tracks: “Live For This” “This Is Now” “Beholder of Justice” “Doomsayer”
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