Hatepinks “Plastic Bag Ambitions”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2005

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Record Label: TKO Records
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TKO Bands are hit or miss with me. Either they sound all right, or I want to throw the CDs out of the window. I think the Hatepinks fall in between. The band is from France, and have a garage punk/80’s punk/new wave sound, which is pretty cool. But I can see how it might get annoying after awhile for some people. They remind me of Plastic Bertrand (You know, the ones who sang “Ca Plane Pour Moi”), but these guys sing in English. Each song is really short and under two minutes long. I think anything longer, the songs might outstay their welcome. I didn’t hate this album, actually, most of the songs were good. The album could have been a little bit longer but I’m sure The Hatepinks will release more albums in the future. Cette musique est bonne.

Bottom Line: 80’s sounding punk from the France.
Notable Tracks: I Am Divorced, Fashion is Crime
Overall Rating: