Hirie – Dreamer

Album Reviews | Nov 12th, 2019

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Record Label: Controlled Substance Records
Genre: Reggae/Pop
Band Link: https://hiriemusic.com/
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“Dreamer” is the third release from Hawaiian based pop reggae band Hirie and it showcases the global multicultural sound that is indicative of their frontwoman.

Lead singer Trish Jetton was born in the Philippines, spent a few years in Italy and finally settled down in Hawaii. Having experienced the multitudes of world music in her travels, she has taken those influences and laid them out over the course of 11 tracks that have strong reggae roots.

Throughout the course of “Dreamer” you’ll find some Middle Eastern sounds, some Hawaiian influences, roots reggae music and a touch of ska, dancehall, orchestral and pop music. While it may sound like an over-eclectic mix of sounds, the subtlety of these influences are perfectly intertwined with the light and airy reggae undertones and powerful vocal chops of Miss Jetton.

One of the things that stood out throughout the entirety of “Dreamer” is the songwriting. Most of the songs deal with personal issues or honest moments in life and they are amplified by the vocal stylings of Ms. Jetton. She has a voice that can spit out some dancehall rhetoric one minute and carry a high note from Kingston to London the other minute. The opening track “She Go” is the perfect example of her talents as the opening lines are reminiscent of Tanya Stephens while the slower vocal parts could give Beyoncé a run for her money.

If you’re looking for something bright and airy with an uplifting sound, “Dreamer” is something to check out. There’s a heavy dose of reggae and pop music with plenty of variety of styles and subgenres sprinkled in between.

Bottom Line: “Dreamer” is a smooth listen with some honest lyrics with an eclectic dose of musical genres throughout. It’s the kind of album that takes you from the party to the bedroom.
Notable Tracks: She Go, I Like The Way You Roll, I’m Messed Up, G’Wan Boy
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