Hoods “Ghetto Blaster”

Album Reviews | Jul 14th, 2007

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Record Label: Eulogy Recordings
Genre: Hardcore
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Hoods used to be on Victory Records and that’s all I really know about them. They do however, play that tough guy hardcore stuff that I like. It sure beats having to listen to a bunch of wimps in tight jeans screaming and singing about stupid shit. I’d rather listen to music that makes me want to take a baseball bat to someone’s kneecaps.

Their newest album on Eulogy is quite good. I thought these guys would be all gangsta or some type of screamo garbage but thankfully they aren’t. Each song is fast and barely reaches the 2 minute mark. Which is a good thing I think because I have ADD and I usually skip a track after 2 minutes anyway. If you are angry like I have been lately, then put this album on from the Hoods. But most likely, it will just make you more pissed off.

Bottom Line: Wish more hardcore bands sounded like these guys
Notable Tracks: I Can’t Take This, Dance with the Devil, Don’t Fight Let’s Party Tonight
Overall Rating: