HorrorPops “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”

Album Reviews | Feb 26th, 2008

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Record Label: Hellcat Records
Genre: Rockabilly
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The psychobilly band from Denmark has just released their latest album on Hellcat Records. Surprisingly, this is the first time I’m hearing the HorrorPops and I’m not sure why I never listened to them before. Maybe someone else reviewed the albums and I just never stumbled upon them? The general consensus among the music community is that this is the Horrorpops best album to date and I agree. I think “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill” is a great psychobilly/rockabilly record and fans of Tiger Army, Nekromantix and the Misfits will dig this. But I’m sure a lot of people have listened to the Horrorpops before, I’m just apparently way behind than everyone else.

I think the band’s vocals by Patricia Day is okay in some songs, and then sometimes it sounds like Courtney Love is singing. I can’t stand Courtney Love so I didn’t like those songs where Day sounded like Love on. I thought this CD would be a little more punkier or faster and that wasn’t really the case. It’s not like other rockabilly or psychobilly bands’ albums where the music is so fast. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing though, but people expecting some fast rockabilly album will be disappointed. But check out some songs on the HorrorPops’ www.myspace.com/thehorrorpops MySpace page and see if you dig this new album.

Bottom Line: A good rockabilly album and looking forward to see the band live at the Warped Tour this year!
Notable Tracks: Missfit, Heading for the Disco, Private Hall of Shame
Overall Rating: