Howard Shore – “A Dangerous Method”

Album Reviews | Dec 7th, 2011

Record Label: Sony Masterworks
Genre: Film Score
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Howard Shore is one of my favorite film composers since Lord of the Rings. Whenever he comes out with new music, I’m curious to see if it will ever come close to the LOTR scores. A Dangerous Method is directed by David Cronenberg and stars Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley and Vincent Cassel. The movie is about the early days of psychiatrists Carl Jung and his mentor Sigmund Freud. The film has a good director, great cast and interesting story that’s based on real life so I’ll eventually see it when it comes to Blu-Ray.

Howard Shore’s score for A Dangerous Method is pretty much a classical album. Loads of piano work, very subtle at times but definitely sounds like it came from that time period. Memorable isn’t an adjective I would describe this album. It’s nice to put on but it’s not one that stands out to me. At the very end of the soundtrack is a whopping 32 minute piano track of Wagner’s “Siegfried Idyll.” I think that’s a perfect track to end this album. While I won’t be going out of my way to hear this music too often, it’s still a bunch of orchestral and piano tracks from Howard Shore. I’m really looking forward to see what The Hobbit’s score will sound like. That has to be the most anticipated score of 2012 for me.

Bottom Line: Not a memorable score but it’s still a decent album
Notable Tracks: Burghölzli, Miss Spielrein, Reflection
Overall Rating:


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