Huntingtons “Self Titled Album”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Fast Music
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I think I have reviewed stuff from Huntingtons before since they had 7 albums, but I don’t remember their music. They were on Tooth & Nail but now are on Fast Music, and this is their debut on that label. I like it, it’s very Queerish haha. But not really because it’s not as whiny with the vocals, but the whoaing is the same. Actually the vocals sound like Jon of Buck O Nine. The music sounds awesome, it’s very poppy in the sense that the Ramones were pop punk, and it’s very catchy. I need to find another word for Catchy because I use it too much. haha. Overall, the Cd exceeded my expectations. Sounds Like? The Queers, The Ramones, MxPx Notable Tracks: “3 Chord Ba” “Maybe It’s you” “What I’m Doing Wrong” Rating: Reviewer:

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Notable Tracks: “3 Chord Baby” “Maybe It’s you” “What I’m Doing Wrong”
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