Hurt Process “A Heartbeat Behind”

Album Reviews | May 9th, 2005

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Record Label: Victory Records
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For being a band for only two years now, The Hurt Process are making a name for
themselves. With a rabid fanbase, and growing each day as a band, The Hurt
Process give you ten tracks of a variety of emotions. Filled with rage,
heartache and other blends of the hardcore-pop-emo genre, the band has only
begun. Producer Cameron Webb (Ignite, Tenacious D) has helped create the
best record he could for the group. Though the hardcore scene is much
different than say, 5 or 6 years ago, this type of “post-hardcore” is the
‘in thing.’ For The Hurt Process to really get an understanding of what the
scene is like over here, they spent time in LA recording, far removed from
their UK homes. Even more impressive is that they will be the first UK band
to perform on this year’s Warped Tour. Fans there will enjoy powerful and
vengeful lyrics, mixed in with great breakdowns and poppy hooks.

Bottom Line: I’m Sure you will hear more from The Hurt Process in years to come. Album definitely took me by surprise
Notable Tracks: Anchor, My Scandinavian Ride, Take To You, Reading Into It
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