Hurt Process “Drive By Monologue”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Victory
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Another melodic hardcore band (emo) comes out with a CD. Is it just me or has every band that has started since 2001, they all sound the same? I found some of the songs to be pretty solid, but there were some songs that I felt weren’t that good. I did get through the whole Cd which is a good thing lately. Supposedly they will be the first UK band to play the Warped Tour in the States but I think that’s a bunch of fluff because The Specials did the tour a few years ago. Aren’t they from the UK?? Anyway, I thought the band sounds like every other band out there but I still thought they had a rockin’ good sound.

Bottom Line: Decent melodic hardcore from the UK
Notable Tracks: “White Butterflies” “Opinion” “Come Home”
Overall Rating: