I Wayne “Lava Ground”

Album Reviews | Aug 23rd, 2005

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Record Label: VP Records
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Talk about a break out star in the reggae scene! I Wayne (real name is Cliffroy Taylor) didn’t even have a full length album yet and has been successful. He’s been successful just based on his hit tracks “Living in Love” and “Can’t Satisfy Her” that appeared on VP Records compilations. I guess having your music played at clubs and on Hot 97 all the time will do that. Pretty damn good for a 25 year old up and coming reggae star! This is I Wayne’s debut album and he has such a distinctive singing voice. The reggae artists that I Wayne reminds me of the most is the late Garnett Silk and Sanchez. The singing & the style, just reminds me of those two for some reason.

I Wayne’s music is a mixture of roots, reggae, dancehall, and even hip-hop. My two favorite tracks right now are the two singles that made him popular. The beats in those songs are just really catchy. The rest of the album is just as good though. I’m sure their will be newer songs I’ll eventually like more than those 2 singles. I just have to listen to the album more. But as far as I can tell, I Wayne is going to become even bigger and popular than he is now. So in the mean time, check out his debut album that’s filled with great reggae riddim tunes!

Bottom Line: Excellent debut record from the future reggae star!
Notable Tracks: Lava Ground, Ma Ma and Pa Pa, Living in Love, Can’t Satisfy Her
Overall Rating: