Indecision “Release the Cure”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: MIA Records
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New release from one of Hardcore’s outspoken bands.. They have really gotten good over the years. I was really impressed with the idea behind the name of the album “Release the cure.” It’s based on the conspiracy that the government is hiding that AIDS and other “non cure” diseases, are in fact, been cured and have been kept secret the government to keep control of the population. It’s a sick thing to do, but an interesting and believable theory. Now to the cd… the first song starts off the heavy sound that Indecision is known for.. it continues throughout the record. If you love bands like Candiria, Buried Alive, Earth Crisis, or Hatebreed, then you’ll love this album. This album should be picked up anyone who loves the heavy sound of hardcore/metal…

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