J. Page “Goodbye Chapel Hill”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2005

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Record Label: Nice Guy Records
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J. Page has every right to make the claim that they have a distinct sound, like none other. This is, of course because they don’t sound like any band out there, they sound like two. Singers Christopher Beckham and Michael Magarelli sound as different as night and day with Beckham having more of a raspy punk sound like The Briggs and Magarelli sounding more emo. Trading off on the vocals between two very different singers lets the album span two genres. This way, the punk rockers who are closet emo fans can appreciate the album, and vice versa.

J. Page formed in Gainesville Florida from former members of As Friends Rust and The Scaries and compares their musical style to Hot Water Music. “Goodbye Chapel Hill”, the band’s debut EP out on Nice Guy Records features five songs that are a nice mix of the band’s previous endeavors and wealth of influences. The Magarelli songs, the title track “Goodbye Chapel Hill” and “Dying Staying Here” (which even have emo titles!) are more catchy, but also a little more whiny once you listen to the album a few times. The other tracks, “Unlucky In Cards”, “Personal Space Invader” and “Beer Me, Asswipe” are more rigid sing alongs that make the album break away from recent passing trends. Overall, J.Page deserves credit for pulling this multi-genre album off nicely, it has the potential to win over a diverse audience.

Bottom Line: “Goodbye Chapel Hill” has mass appeal for fans of the underground, spanning two distinct sounds. Three cheers for J.Page, three stars too!
Notable Tracks: “Goodbye Chapel Hill”, “Beer Me, Asswipe”, “Personal Space Invader”
Overall Rating: