Jerk Magnet “Seven Minutes In Heaven”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Ides Of March
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I’ve seen these guys plenty of times at the Chance. I was curious to see how they sound on CD, instead of live. They always get the crowd into it at shows, and are great openers; but I’ve never really dug their music. Maybe everytime I see them, they played in front of a ska band or something and my mind was set on ska music for the night. They have some catchy songs that are fast and melodic. I always found that a lot of the bands from my area all have the same sound. The band sounds okay, but I don’t like the singer’s voice. It’s too whiny for me. I don’t like the whiny singers. I’m picky when it comes to bands but I’m sure tons of people will love Jerk Magnet.

Bottom Line: Fans of the band and Hudson Valley punk will like this
Notable Tracks: “Lost And Found” “Checkmate” ”
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