John Williams “Munich”

Album Reviews | Dec 27th, 2005

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With four major motion picture scores in 2005, John Williams ended the year with Munich. 4 very different films in Star Wars Episode III, War of the Worlds, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Munich, shows the great range and creative background John Williams still has. Munich is the story that revolves around the 1972 Munich Olympics where Israeli athletes were captured and assassinated. Continuing, the majority of the story centers around a group of men hired by the Israeli’s to seek revenge on the Palestinians. Williams’ score works great with the film and as always, is a big part of Steven Spielberg’s movies. Without the music, the film wouldn’t have the personality that the director is trying to get across.

Munich shares two different styles throughout. One is of peace, tranquility, love, family. The other gives the listener/viewer thrills, suspense, intensity, anxiety, such as during the many violent and disturbing scenes in the film. As the movie was quickly filmed in a short amount of time, the score was done in the same fashion. Both came together great, and now Munich is nominated for an Academy Award, along with Williams’ other score, Memoirs of a Geisha. Though, I think “Geisha” is the best of 2005, Munich is still great to listen to.

Bottom Line: Munich is one of the best scores of 2005, and is one of John William’s best in recent years.
Notable Tracks: A Prayer For Peace, Munich 1972, Avner and Daphna, Avner’s Theme, Remembering Munich
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