John Williams “Star Wars- Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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The Master John Williams is back again to do more Star Wars music and I think this album is good, but it has it’s flaws. I was actually disappointed with this score that it didn’t have a lot of the “Duel of the Fates” on it, I love that song so much but Williams had to composed new material like the love theme, “Across The Stars.” That song is the main theme of the score and it’s really beautiful. It’s a starts off like the Hook theme, and then goes into sweeping strings and brass that has a sound similar to The Godfather, Gone With The Wind and JFK. I could understand what John Williams was going for though. That old epic sound that worked for classic love stories like Gone With The Wind and Casblanca. Is there any other worthy songs on this? Some of them are good but some are long and boring to me. The track “Zam The Assassin and The Chase is 11 minutes or so and it’s one long action sequence. I’m sure it works perfect for the movie but listening the track on CD doesn’t do it for me. I believed I heard an electric guitar in that track a few times rocking out. haha. The only track I heard Duel of the Fates was in “Return To Tattooine” and it’s only very briefly. It gets quiet and then goes into some of the great original trilogy songs than, BANG, into duel of the fates. Wish it went longer and the chanting in the song sounded different than in the original DOTF. Original Trilogy fans will be please to know that “Imperial March” makes a strong come back in this film and I love it! You hear this in “The Tusken Camp..” and “Controntation with Count Dooku.” Other than that, there’s a few more action songs, and the love theme, “Across the Stars” pops up everywhere. I actually liked the Episode 1 disc and the original trilogies Cds to this one but it’s a new Star Wars soundtrack so who cares. It’s still good and any SW fan will want to get this.

Bottom Line: SW fans might want to get this
Notable Tracks: “Across The Stars,” “Yoda and The Younglings,” “Confrontation With Count Dooku and Finale”
Overall Rating: