John Williams “War of the Worlds”

Album Reviews | Jun 27th, 2005

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John Williams and Steven Spielberg have made a lot of movies together. I don’t even want to think it, but once Williams isn’t scoring anymore, who’s going to replace him? James Newton Howard? Howard Shore? Time will tell but right now let’s enjoy the music from Mr. Williams shall we.

I saw this movie and the music fits. I love John Williams’ music but I’m not too sure how I feel about this score on CD. It’s dark like the movie, and has a Bernard Hermann feel to it as well. It tends to be monotone or subdued, and gets quiet in spots. The action cues sound right out of Empire Strikes Back, like “Ferry Scene.” Williams effectively uses instrument sound effects to scare the audience, it certainly freaked me out in some scenes. What I like most about the movie score is the nice, dramatic tracks like “Reaching the Country” or “Refugee Status.” It gives the score a good balance between scary and pleasant. I think my favorite track was “Return to Boston” and it just SOUNDS like a John Williams track, you know? I just wish the whole Cd had that feeling. I liked some of these tracks on the album but I think it works best in the movie, not on an album.

Bottom Line: Not Williams’ greatest Cd but it works within the movie.
Notable Tracks: Ferry Scene, Reaching the Country, Refugee Status, the Return to Boston
Overall Rating: