Jonah Vin – “Awake In Your Sleep”

Album Reviews | Sep 17th, 2013

Record Label: Holy Hell Records
Genre: Indie Rock

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas “Awake In Your Sleep” is the debut album Jonah Vin and has more than enough indie staying power that it should have black rimmed glasses of its own.

I would like to start off by saying that my absolute favorite thing about “Awake In Your Sleep” is the unique and interesting guitar work. On every single song there is something new and experimental that makes each track sound fresh and unique while maintaining an overall sound that ties the album together. From the distorted jangles and strumming in “From The Top” to the ambient slides of “2:25 AM”, I was impressed with it all.

With all the fancy schmancy guitar shenanigans going on, I don’t want to discredit the rest of the band because “Awake In Your Sleep” in its entirety is a smart, interesting and unique album. Jonah Vin doesn’t try to sound like anyone in particular and it pays off with some very catchy songs and some very intelligent songwriting. The musical craftsmanship from all parties involved is excellent at worst.

At times the band is somber and reclusive and then the next minute they sound like they want to shatter the shell that they’re hiding in. It was a fun ride to follow along with over the course of eight songs and 40+ minutes.

Bottom Line: “Awake In Your Sleep” was like indie pop rocks exploding in your ears. It was soft, bubbly, retrospective, intense, entertaining and most of all…fun. A very surprising listen.
Notable Tracks: From The Top, 2:25 AM, Awaken My Sleep
Overall Rating:


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