Joseph LoDuca – “The Triangle”

Album Reviews | May 1st, 2006

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Record Label: La-La Land Records
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The Triangle was a Sci-Fi Channel/ BBC mini-series produced by Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin about the Bermuda Triangle. The score was composed by Joseph LoDuca, who has composed music for Evil Dead I & II, Army of Darkness, Xena, Hercules, and my favorite score by him, Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf). Brotherhood of the Wolf’s score was amazing and I love the first track from it, “The Grey Wolf.” I wish he made more scores like that.

The Triangle starts off with the “Main Title,” and it sounds VERY similar to the Bourne Identity/Supremacy motifs composed by John Powell. Maybe those scores were used in the temp tracks and LoDuca just altered the sound a little bit to give it a Sci-Fi feel? I also get a Thomas Newman style in the slower, quieter piano tracks like “Flesh & Blood.” Wait, isn’t that a name of a score from Newman? Weird. Anyway, there definitely seems to be a few different types of motifs for this score. Each sounds good separately but the overall score is an okay listen. I didn’t get bored by the soundtrack at all and didn’t have the urge to skip or fast-forward a track. I never saw the mini-series so I can’t say how the score holds up on the show. I’m assuming the score fits the show really well because it sounds good on its own. If you like scores from mini-series and TV shows, than The Triangle is something you might like.

Bottom Line: A good mini-series score but sounds too much like other film scores.
Notable Tracks: Triangle Main Title, Where Are We, The Whalers, It’s Over
Overall Rating: