Kaleo Futuristo – “The Future Is Now!”

Album Reviews | Sep 2nd, 2009

Record Label: Universal
Band Link: www.kaleofuturisto.com
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Kaleo Futuristo is all about mixing up genres. Unfortunately, all the genres are bad. You’ve got hideously lame r&b crooning, dead-on-arrival dance music, some ridiculous attempts at edgy rap-rock, and other throwbacks to the cheesiest moments of the 80s and 90s. It says something when your best song is a reworking of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” – and the original still rocks harder.

It’s hard to imagine that music could be this bad, unless it’s by design. But at the risk of missing the joke I can’t possibly recommend this to anyone. Even if you like cheesy, dated dance music, there are plenty of bands that do it more competently.

Bottom Line: Milli Vanilli, UB40, and Phil Collins join forces to create the ultimate Sweet 16 band.
Notable Tracks: Any song that doesn’t say “girl” after every other word, or includes a request to “get your boogie on.”
Overall Rating:


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