The Know How – “Now Technicolor”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Stomp Records
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The Know How have been around for awhile now, touring the east coast with their ska music. Honestly, this is the first I’m hearing about the band. Guess I’m not in the loop when it comes to ska. It would help if I went to a show for a change. I would if there were any shows in my area or it wasn’t on a weekday when I got to work.

The Know How has a ska punk sound, mixed in with some sci-fi effects. I guess if I had to compare the Know How’s with a band, I’d say they sound like Mustard Plug. I like what I hear on this album and apparently they have three albums out now. Guess I’ll have to track down their other two. I believe one of them is on Jump Up Records. You might also know the band from the Ska Summit in 2003. That’s if you were there. I wish I have gone to that.

Musically, the band is good and I didn’t have an urge to skip a track. I like that they have that keyboard sci-fi in some of the songs. Horns are great but I like keyboards in ska bands as well. The vocals in the Know How are decent. Didn’t really have any complaints in that area. I guess I didn’t have any complaints with the overall sound. It’s good to hear ska is still present among the scene. It seems like more and more bands are releasing ska albums again. I recommend at least listening to a few songs on the Internet somewhere before you decide to buy this album. I’d buy it once I heard it though.

Bottom Line: Catchy ska punk from Florida.
Notable Tracks: Better Way, Choose, Say Hello, Take It Back
Overall Rating: