Korpiklaani “Tales Along This Road”

Album Reviews | Apr 30th, 2006

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Renaissance Fair metal? Now that’s just a weird combination but strangely, it works out really well! I never heard of Korpiklaani until I read a review of theirs in Decibel Magazine so I decided to check out the band and immediately liked what I heard. The band is from Finland and I guess you can classify this genre as Finnish Forest Folk Metal. That’s a mouth full! The band name means Forest Clan by the way. I never heard of metal music with violins, accordions and flutes in it before, but this sounds awesome! The music doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously and that’s a good thing; because honestly, who’s going to take a bunch of long-haired Finnish Vikings with Renaissance Fair clothing on seriously? But then again, those Fins are sooo behind in the times.

The album begins with “Happy Little Boozer” and it makes you bang your head while doing a jig. I’ve been listening to a lot of folk and Celtic music lately and I just haven’t heard anything this fast. Fiddler’s Green out of Germany has a somewhat close sound but it’s no where near this in terms of fastness. Korpiklaani’s previous albums (Yes I have them now too) are just as good as this album. With “Tales Along This Road,” they seem to hit that point they are comfortable with their music and can do a little bit of experimenting. But at the same time, their music just sounds ten times better and sharper than their previous stuff. The one song that stood out from the others is “Under The Sun.” The singer actually sings the song and isn’t growling the lyrics; but the song musically has a nice catchy ring to it. I also liked when the band did some instrumental stuff as well. If you are the least bit curious about Korpiklaani, than do yourself a favor mate and track down some songs off the internet. First, you’ll be like “what the hell is this?” Than the next thing you know, you’ll be wearing Renaissance Fair clothing, drinking ale, and grabbing women by the hair and calling them wenches. Ok, so that’s just my fantasy but still, check out this band; you might just like this!

Bottom Line: If the Pogues and Iron Maiden made a band, this is how it would sound!
Notable Tracks: Happy Little Boozer, Vakirauta, Under the Sun
Overall Rating: