K’s, The “Can’t Get It Together”

Album Reviews | Sep 1st, 2008

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Record Label: Flatware Productions
Genre: Rock
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This album started out really good but then got a little weird for me. The K’s play rock similar to the Beatles and the Kinks. You can tell they are influenced by a lot of other different styles as well like punk, rock and grunge. So just think of classic rock meets punk rock. Singer Dan Kilian came to NY to form the band after playing in The Uglies in Louisville.

The song I Can’t Get It Together starts the album off and it’s also the best track on the album as well. After that the album goes on a roller coaster of good & bad songs. Songs that sound like cool classic rock tunes to songs that sound like something from a weird bar band. I think the K’s music sounds better when they play songs like The Man in Black instead of something like Peg Legged Pirate. The singer’s voice gets a little irritating in Peg Legged Pirate. The K’s seem like they would be a fun band to see live but their songs on this album are hit or miss with me.

Bottom Line: Album started off well but then went downhill from there
Notable Tracks: Can’t Get It Together, The Man in Black
Overall Rating: