Lacona “35/Half of 70 & President’s Day”

Album Reviews | Oct 27th, 2007

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Indie
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These guys are assholes. They simultaneously released two CDs with two songs each. Why can’t they just put all four songs onto one CD? Because they’re assholes. Talk about wasteful.

But the music is great – Lacona play moody indie/post-punk with buzzing distortion and thumping, gothy drums. The sound is sparse yet surprisingly cacophonous and intriguing. The vox have a hipsterish, monotone Lou Reed quality, but it’s melodic and works well in contrast to the accompaniment. This is especially true on the two songs on President’s Day, where vocal harmonies overlap in a soft yet unsettling way atop depressing guitar and orchestral touches. Interesting stuff.

Lacona are very good, but they’re acting self-important with this “singles on CD” crap, which will ultimately be a whole lotta landfill fodder. Put out a full album and rock out, dopes.

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