Larry and His Flask – “All That We Know”

Album Reviews | Dec 8th, 2011

Record Label: Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club
Genre: Bluegrass Punk
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Larry and His Flask are from Oregon and have a punky bluegrass sound. My taste of music has grown since I was in high school. I wouldn’t listen to bands like this back then but now I appreciate certain country acts, bluegrass and other twangy genres. Besides punk and bluegrass, Larry and His Flasks combines other styles like folk, big band/swing and country. Picture a bearded, tattooed string band smashing bottles against the wall at some hootenanny and this is what you get! Well, at least that’s how I picture them.

This style of music seems to be getting more popular amongst the underground bands (and mainstream) and I’m all for it. The music in All That We Know is energetic, fun, and makes me want to grab my special lady and dance up a storm. The finger-picking guitar styles, the banjos and the subtle use of horns in some songs makes these guys very eclectic. The horns can be heard in the track “Manifest Destiny” and gives off a New Orleans/Big Band vibe. If they stuck with that style in that song, I wouldn’t mind that as well.

I’m happy when I find bands like this when reviewing. I wouldn’t have found out about them otherwise. Another thing I like about The Flask and similar bands is how they harmonize the chorus or all sing along together during parts. It makes the songs sound great! This album/band is for fans of Old Man Markley, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band and Mumford and Sons.

Bottom Line: Interesting bluegrass punk that makes you want to stick some hay in your mouth and do a country jig
Notable Tracks: Flags and Concrete, Manifest Destiny, Beggars Will Ride, West Virginia Chocolate Drop
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