Last Act – “Still Standing”

Album Reviews | Sep 8th, 2011

Record Label: Bunny Records
Genre: Metal
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Underwhelming, sloppy 80s-style metal. Musically, they’re somewhere between Judas Priest, early Queensryche, and Megadeth, but without those bands’ innovation and energy. There is some good guitarwork (“Burning Stack” is a standout), but the riffing is often unmemorable and the drumming is surprisingly tired and flat. Muddy production doesn’t help.

Worst of all are the vocals, which are froggy and out of tune. Attempts at hair metal and Dio-style passion are cringe-inducing. I feel that for metal to succeed these days, you really need strong vocals to carry it.

As a once-metalhead who is still standing himself – just saw Queensryche a couple of weeks ago and my Iron Maiden cassettes are never far from reach – I have appreciation for metal bands still carrying the torch. (See my review for Tools of Creation.) But I can’t excuse shoddy musicianship and uninspired musicianship. For a band that acts defiant and “still standing,” they’re certainly not living up to it.

Bottom Line: Some good riffing but hurt by froggy vocals and lack of drumming chops.
Notable Tracks: Burning Stack
Overall Rating:


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