Last Conservative “Pretty New Things”

Album Reviews | Aug 11th, 2007

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Record Label: Good Charamel Records
Genre: Indie Rock
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Last Conservative is one of those instances where the band would benefit from a different lead singer. The vocals have that crackly, I’ve just hit puberty and I part my hair two ways quality that everyone loves to hate. If you can get past that aspect, the rest of the band is ok. Not great or even good but ok.

There are some good guitar parts and some of the songs have a pop rock feel to them but it doesn’t really make up for most of the long, weak-ass songs that plague this album. Last Conservative show that they can rock but they tend to lean more towards expressing their inner feelings in boring pop song snorefests. With song titles like “The Way You Would Kiss Me” and “Don’t Touch Me” you can get the picture that I’m painting.

I don’t mind the slow paced rock songs on this album and I don’t even mind the hook heavy attempts at mall punk. It’s the ballads that really turn me off about “Pretty New Things”. There are just too many on the album for me to enjoy it.

Bottom Line: Indie rock with lots of ballads and not enough rock.
Notable Tracks: Distraction, The Answer, Stop Sign
Overall Rating: