Lawrence Arms “Cocktails & Dreams”

Album Reviews | Jun 21st, 2005

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Record Label: Asian Man Records
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Lawrence Arms have been around for awhile now, and I only really listen to them when I have to review the band’s newest CD. Not sure why that is but I should listen to more of them. I did like their last album, the one with that porn song. This album is a bunch of B-side tracks from out-of-print splits, and exclusive new recordings from older songs. My complaint with the band is that Brendan needs to sing on all the tracks and let the other dude take the backseat. Brendan has a snotty, whiny punk voice that fits the music and I’m not really fond of the other singer. For being a B-sides album, there are a lot of great songs on here. Some bands’ b-sides are almost as good as the official releases, like the Levellers for instance. Each song is catchy and worth owning if you are fan of the Lawrence Arms. This Cd makes me want to break out their previous Cds.

Bottom Line: B-Sides? Official album.?It’s all the same. Good album from Law. Arms!
Notable Tracks: Quincentuple Your Money, Hey, What Time Is ‘Pensacola: Wings of Gold’ on, Anyway?, Another Boring Story
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