Lawrence Arms “Oh Calcutta!”

Album Reviews | Mar 7th, 2006

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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I’ve reviewed a few Lawrence Arms Cds now but I usually don’t end up listening to those albums again. Not that I don’t like the albums, just don’t really feel like listening to Lawrence Arms again. I guess I have to be in the right mood. I don’t mind reviewing their stuff though because it’s like Slapstick minus the horns. I probably say that in every review, oh well.

“Oh Calcutta!” is their newest CD, after just releasing a B-side album “Cocktails & Dreams” off Asian Man Records this summer. The trio opens with “The Devil’s Takin’ Names” and it’s a screechin’ good punk song! Brendan’s vocals take time to get use but I like his vocals so much more than Chris’. “Recovering The Opposing Thumb” starts out weak, with one of the guy’s singing slow but gets better as the song goes along. I prefer the song after that because it’s a fast punk song and just sounds good. Can’t really describe it, I just like it. I have yet to see this band live but from what I hear they rock out at their shows. Maybe I would like these guys more if I saw them live one of these days. Overall, I liked a few of their tunes off “Oh Calcutta!” and felt the album was strongest towards the end. Which is rare I think, because I usually like the beginning songs the most. Go figure. If you are a fan of the Lawrence Arms, i’m sure you will like this album because it sounds like their previous stuff.

Bottom Line: I liked a few songs but still getting used to the album. I’ll probably like it better with more listens.
Notable Tracks: Beyond the Embarrassing Style, Loses Your Illusions 1, Requiem Revisited
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