Lazy CD Reviews 04/2006

Album Reviews | Apr 9th, 2006

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There’s only so much I can take of reviewing the same bands over and over again. So I decided to take a handful of CDs each month and do short reviews. Not every band deserves a long ass review and I don’t feel like doing them either. So here’s “Lazy CD Reviews.”

The Auditions “Controversy Loves Company” (Victory Records)
[ Insert same reviews I do for every Victory screamo band here ]

Benlavain “Come On People” (That 70’s Boy Publishing)
Alternative rock, or whatever. I’m not feeling this album AT ALL. I’d rather have my balls bitten off by a bear than listen to this again.

Brunt Of It “Certain Uncertainty” (Brikhaus Records)
Punk band with some ska-punk thrown in. This isn’t bad, it’s actually pretty decent. I like the ska riffed songs the best.

Cats & Jammers “Whole Lotta Goddamn” (Scotch Hell Records)
I didn’t know what to expect when putting this CD on. It sounds better than what I was expecting. Their sound is a mix of rock, indie and cheesy 80’s music. This is okay but i’m sure I won’t listen to this again.

Dimestore Haloes “The Ghost of Saturday Night” (Pelado Records)
Album quality is crappy so I’m immediately turned off. I guess these guys play old rock n’ roll. The vocals are annoying and I just didn’t like this.

The Forecast “Late Night Conversations” (Victory Records)
The forecast for this review: Crappy with a chance of throw-up. Low in the mid-30’s.

The Killing Moon “A Message Through Your Teeth” (Fearless Records)
I don’t remember the last time I actually liked something from Fearless Records. So I guess here’s hoping for something good in the future…

LAPush “Someplace Closer to Here ” (456 Entertainment )
ZzZzZZzzZzzZZZZZzZZZZ. This is slow & boring.

Makeout Music “Segrenation”
Local punkers in my area come out with a new album. From what I can remember, they sound a lot better now than their first album. This music is A-OK. Visit their site here:

Nazi Dogs “Chase The Man” (TKO Records)
Being from Germany and having Nazi in your band name..hmm might be a BAD choice no? The band has a similar style to the Briefs. If you like that, check out these guys. Also, they have a funny cover featuring Adolf and Bush riding choppers, Easy Rider style!

October Fall “A Season In Hell” (Decaydance/ Fueled By Ramen)
I guess these guys thought it was cool for someone to play their Casio while playing their pop rock music. Well it’s annoying. If you couldn’t tell, I didn’t like this.

Protest The Hero “Kezia” (Underground Operations)
If the band just played fast thrash metal I would find this okay, but as soon as I heard the singer whine like a bitch; I couldn’t take this anymore.

Red Invasion “I’m Not Too Young To Die” (Pelado Records)
I liked Red Invasion I soon as I heard the first song. Boston usually can’t do no wrong with punk rock. Definitely look out for these guys! This Cd was great!

Royden “Best Friends Our Worst Enemies” (Hopeless Records)
I’m really sick of hearing these bands. I don’t even need to describe what they sound like to you because it’s “Hopeless.” The label started out having some cool bands but now is strictly having a roster filled with Whiny screamo bands. Yuck!

Ryan’s Hope “Apocalypse In Increments” (Punk News Records)
I thought this CD would be bad but I ended up liking it. Fast punk rock in the same vein as other punk bands from the 90s. Good stuff, I’ll be listening to this again I’m sure.

The Scarred “No Solution” (Punkcore Records)
This is the The Scarred’s debut album on Punkcore and it’s filled with punk rock goodness! The songs are fast, snotty and remind you of songs from 1977. The Scarred are an awesome street punk band and this is something to listen to. Trust me.

Spider “Youth Insurance” (Basement Records)
I’ve had this CD in my review pile for about a year. Might be time to review it huh? Spider play street/skate punk and this is their debut album. It’s pretty good, nothing too special.

Strike.Fire.Fall “Still Life” (Takeover Records)