Lazy CD Reviews 11/2005

Album Reviews | Nov 27th, 2005

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There’s only so much I can take, of reviewing the same bands over and over again. So I decided to take a handful of CDs each month and do short reviews. Not every band deserves a long ass review and I don’t feel like doing them either. So here’s the first edition of “Lazy CD Reviews.”

FM Bats “Everybody Out..Shark in the Water” (TKO Records)
This came out in June, but I haven’t heard this album ’til now. I wish I didn’t pick this album out of the pile to review. FM Bats are fucking horrible. PERIOD.

Junior Varsity “Wide Eyed” (Victory Records)
Uuughhh. More melodic rock. Can’t the word melodic go away? This isn’t THAT bad but I won’t be listening to this again.

Lorene Drive “Romantic Wealth” (Lobster Records)
Pick one, scream real bad or sing real bad. Your choice.

The Lost Patrol Band “S/T” (Burning Heart Records)
I liked their last Cd’s single “It’s Alright.” This Cd is a lot different than their last album. I like this better. Poppy, euro rock that doesn’t take itself too seriously. At least I hope they aren’t.

Nural “The Weight of the World” (Hopeless Records)
Nural’s debut album, and hopefully their last. These guys need to locate their balls. If they have any. Avoid this if you call yourself a music fan.

Rory Breaker “The Peep Show” (Dino Rock Records)
Hey what do know, this doesn’t suck! Catchy lyrics and fun punk rock that actually sounds tolerable.

So They Say “S/T” (Fearless Records)
The music is okay but they sound like every other band out in the scene today. If you like to hear the same old shit, than look no further with So They Say.

Supagroup “Rules” (Food Chain Records)
Break out the mullets and tight leather pants because it’s time to ROCK! Believe it or not, this is the best album I reviewed out of this batch of CDs. If you like hair metal/rock, than check out Supagroup!

Ten in the Swaer Jar “Accordion Solo” (Asian Man Records)
I’m 50/50 with Asian Man releases lately. Either I like them or I’m repulsed by them. “Accordion Solo” is the later. 22 tracks of depressing music that makes me want to blow my face off.

The Underhills “Get Smart EP” (Cabana Records)
Wow, I like this a lot! 90’s sounding pop punk in the same vein as Screeching Weasel. Sadly there’s only 6 songs. You bastards and making me want more, HOW DARE YOU! Check out their site: