Less Than Jake “Anthem”

Album Reviews | Aug 5th, 2006

Record Label: Warner Brothers
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Back on a Major Label, Less Than Jake deliver “Anthem.” Their first new album in over 3 years, Less Than Jake show they haven’t fallen off the Ska world map.

Though, this album is far from ska, the band still includes a few ska and reggae type songs along with more rock songs than the typical pop punk stuff. Their first single, “She’s Gonna Break Soon,” is probably the worst song on the album. I don’t know what WB was thinking with that choice. I would think their re-recorded “Look What Happened” would be a better fit for modern rock airwaves and TRL. Yes, that’s right LTJ was featured on TRL. That’s what happens with the Majors. They can get almost anything on TRL. Back to the band. Less Than Jake are constantly touring and gaining more fans than ever, especially with a wider market now because of bigger distribution and chain outlet stores. I think the band’s albums get stronger and stronger each time. They have come a long way since the “Pezcore” days. They rocked then but now it’s more polished and produced.

Bottom Line: I think any Less than Jake fan would love this record. I did.
Notable Tracks: ” the science of selling yourself short,” “Surrender,” “Plastic Cup Politics.”
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