Less Than Jake “Losers Kings & Things We Don’t Understand (with DVD)”

Album Reviews | Apr 2nd, 2008

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Record Label: Sleep It Off Records
Genre: Ska-Punk
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Less Than Jake have created their own label (again) and to kickstart the new label, they are re-releasing their back catalog on the label. Included with some of the albums is a bonus DVD. The first recorded material from the band was Losers, Kings & Things We Don’t Understand and while it’s not my favorite LTJ album, it certainly has some classics on here. I actually haven’t heard this album too much lately, but I do listen to Less than Jake pretty regularly. I just listen to their newest stuff mostly though. I always loved the first half of this album but then towards the second half it starts to get spotty for me. It is their first recorded album so I guess not everything is going to be perfect from the start.

What makes these re-releases so awesome is the bonus DVD that comes with these CDs. For this bonus DVD, the band performs songs off Loser, Kings & Things We Don’t Understand in various videos. I know the band played a string of shows where they tackled each song off their albums. This isn’t one of them though. It’s funny seeing all the old videos though. The band plays “This Is Going Nowhere” to about 2 kids, sitting down and I just hate when shows are like that. It makes things so awkward, and you feel obligated to dance and stand up front because you feel sorry for the band. I guess Less Than Jake isn’t a band you need to feel sorry for anymore since they are still selling out venues. I like this album from LTJ but like their stuff after this a lot more.

Bottom Line: This is for die-hard LTJ fans and kids just getting into the band.
Notable Tracks: 24 Hours in Paramus, Time and a Half, Econolodged, 867-5309 (Jenny)
Overall Rating: