Less Than Jake “Pezcore (with DVD)”

Album Reviews | Apr 2nd, 2008

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Record Label: Sleep It Off Records
Genre: Ska-Punk
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My first Less Than Jake album is now re-released on the band’s new record label Sleep It Off Records! At least I think this was my first Less Than Jake album, it could have been Losing Streak? Either way, Less than Jake continue to be one of my favorite bands over the years and they still continue to rock at shows. Pezcore has many songs on it that I absolutely love like “My Very Own Flag,” “Johnny Quest..,” “Liquor Store,”and “One Last Cigarette.” Those songs are always great to hear live. Of course I love their newer stuff as well but this is where it all started with me. I know the very first LTJ song I heard was “My Very Own Flag” off the Skanarchy 2 compilation off Elevator Music. Wow I’m starting to get nostalgic and I feel old. But I wonder how the band feels? Playing in the same band all these years but more power to them for sticking it out all these years. Their music has evolved since this album, for the better might I add, but deep down they still have a ska-tinged rock sound.

The bonus DVD included with this classic album is a live show where the band plays every song from the album in one night. I wish I was able to see the band do each album, that would have been insane! It would also be fun to hear what the band thinks of most of these songs too. I’m sure they don’t think all of these songs are that great. I think fans will absolutely love this because of the DVD alone. I mean, if you don’t own Pezcore already, be sure to get this. Watching this DVD and hearing this CD makes me want to see the band play live again. I guess i’ll get my wish since they are touring in the summer and playing in my neck of the woods (Poughkeepsie, NY).

Bottom Line: A classic ska-punk album that should be owned by all!
Notable Tracks: Liquor Store, My Very Own Flag, Johnny Quest, Shotgun, Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore, One Last Cigarette
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