Less Than Jake – “TV/EP”

Album Reviews | Oct 8th, 2010


Record Label: Sleep It Records
Genre: Ska
Band Link: www.lessthanjake.com
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Leave it to Less Than Jake to cover a bunch of classic & current TV theme songs and commercials. The band are known for covering a lot of things, mostly the Laverne and Shirley theme on an older album (which you can find on here as well) and songs from Grease. They have never released an album of just TV themes and commercials though! I was excited when I read this news because I knew this was going to be a fun album to listen to….and I was right!

The theme song for the show I Carly is up first and I thankfully don’t know what show that is. Is that the little smart girl from School of Rock show? I really hope the band doesn’t consider that a favorite show of theirs. Just because a show might be bad doesn’t mean the theme song is. Later on in the EP that band cover Malcolm in the Middle, which I always hated but they do it better than They Might Be Giants thankfully. They also cover That 70’s Show, Scooby Doo, Spongebob, and commercials for Big Mac, Kit Kat and Toys R Us Kid. I really hope they cover the Juicy Fruit jingle next TV theme album (if there is one). The last track on the album is the pirate version of the Free Credit Report.com commercial. I liked that cover of it but there were a few other songs from Free Credit Report that I liked better believe it or not. I guess it’s possible to like commercial jingles.

TV/EP is 16 tracks, and is about 12 minutes long total. You get a nice collection of songs but definitely makes you want to hear a lot more! I really hope this is an ongoing thing and they record more TV theme songs. Quality wise, the songs are nicely done and very ska-ish. You can hear this album right now on lessthanjake.com so get your ass over there to listen to this!

Bottom Line: The only negative about this album is it’s too short.
Notable Tracks: Animaniacs, Different Strokes, That 70’s Show, Toys R Us Kid, Laverne and Shirley
Overall Rating:


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