Letters Organize “Dead Rhythm Machine”

Album Reviews | Mar 22nd, 2005

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Record Label: Nitro Records
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The Letter’s Organize debut full length album might be something someone might like; but it sounded like loud screeching to me from the start. It’s not exactly something I’d like to listen to all the time. The music is loud, fast and heavy. I’ll give it that, it’s just the overall sound that I don’t really care for. The track “They Call It Rock N Roll” starts out with a cool guitar riff but then goes back to the screeching vocals. I, at least, tolerated that song. It’s the rest of the album that I disliked. If heavy “post-hardcore” screaming crap is your thing, than my own means, check this band out.

Bottom Line: Loud and screechy.
Notable Tracks: These Words, They Call It Rock N Roll
Overall Rating: