Lewis Black – “Stark Raving Black”

Album Reviews | Jul 3rd, 2010

Lewis Black Stark Raving Mad

Record Label: Comedy Central Records
Genre: Comedy
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Lewis Black is a funny grumpy comedian that offers plenty of laughs on political and social events around the world. This album’s topics range from Democrats and Republicans, getting old, birth & death, the economy and alternative energy. Stark Raving Black is a 75 minute performance filmed in Detroit, it combines all his best material during his 2009 North American tour.

While I was laughing a lot during this stand-up, there’s something that makes me feel this stand-up could have been better. Maybe I’m just getting bored with Lewis Black’s delivery. The quiet talking and then more quiet talking and THEN THE LOUD PUNCHLINE! Just after awhile, it gets a little stale for me. But with that said, there are several bits on here that I enjoyed. Particularly the tracks “Mainstream Comedian,” “Vince Gill, Amy Grant & Me,” and “Hitting 60.” But other than that, I was disappointed in this. It almost feels like an angry spoken word concert more than anything, without that many punchlines. Maybe I’m being too harsh but I didn’t laugh as much as I thought I would be. I still like Lewis Black’s appearances on the Daily Show but his stand-up can be better.

Bottom Line: Disappointing album but has a few funny tracks on here.
Notable Tracks: Mainstream Comedian, Vince Gill Amy Grant & Me, Hitting 60
Overall Rating:


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