Limp “S/T”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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I have heard these guys on comps and stuff, but this is the first CD I have owned of theirs… It’s a great follow up to “Guitarted,” so my girlfriend says b/c she has them both. The first track, “Oh, No” is a fucking great song. “Atom Bomb” is really funny b/c he does this voice cracking thing that’s really weird, but sounds good. They have a really good sound and style. If you have heard them before, you won’t be disappointed with this one… If you haven’t, well, if you like bands like HiStandard and Nicotine, you’ll like this one too… Paul Link 80 “The Struggle Continues” (Asian Man Records) Second full length from a band that has seen a member lost, in Nick Traina, and then to move on with a new singer. Actually Nick left the band before he died. The band continued and with that in mind, here is there new record, and its a little different. More skaish songs rather than the punk with horns theme. Although the punk with horns idea is still there. I like it. The singer resembles a little bit of Nick but you can tell its a different band. They still do the ska songs, the punk, and hardcore sounding ones. I recommend this to anyone who can handle a mix of ska and punk.

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