Lucero – “1372 Overton Park”

Album Reviews | Nov 9th, 2009

Record Label: Universal Republic Records
Genre: Rock
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Lucero play countrified punk, or perhaps it’s charged-up southern rock, but in any case, it’s good. I’m not the biggest fan of twang, but Lucero can write some damn good, raucous rock tunes that nicely reflect their rambling Memphis roots.

I prefer their straight-up rock tunes, but even their ballads (and there are a few) are strong. Maybe it’s because Lucero have been around – this is their 6th album -but they’re able to be ballady without being schmaltzy, and their horns & organs-infused roadhouse rock is confident and soulful, lacking gimmickry or punky overcompensation.

Bottom Line: Enjoy with BBQ and a long-necked beer.
Notable Tracks: What Are You Willing To Lose, The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo, Goodbye Again
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