Mad Caddies – “Consentual Selections”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 6th, 2010

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Ska Punk
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Mad Caddies are one of my favorite bands on Fat Wreck. They release their albums every few years, but haven’t released a new full-length since 2007’s Keep It Going. Consentual Selections is a greatest hits album that was voted on by the fans. I think that was a great idea because this greatest hits (or favorite songs) album is top notch! But that’s not all folks, there’s also 2 brand new tracks at the end!

The album also features a ton of photos in the booklet, as well as song commentary on every track. So if you were curious about some songs and what they are about, here’s your chance to find out. You can’t find that if you downloaded this album! The album starts off with a newer track with “Backyard.” All albums are represented here, including some of my favorites like “Drinking For 11,” the dixieland inspired “Monkeys,” the pirate song “Weird Beard” and the older song “The Bell Tower.”

It’s funny hearing songs from their first album because I still remember randomly catching their set at the beginning of the Warped Tour back in 1997 in Asbury Park. I was like, who is this band and ended up dancing to their entire set. I went out and bought their CD right after that and been a fan ever since. The liner notes of the album say they are currently writing the new album, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I guess these things take time and money, so could be why the Mad Caddies are taking forever writing new material. Doesn’t excuse them for not touring in New York City though! Anyway, if you like Mad Caddies and want a great mix album then this is something to own. But the 2 brand new songs aren’t worth buying a whole album for. Just wait for the new album, whenever that may be?

Bottom Line: Fantastic collection of songs from the Mad Caddies!
Notable Tracks: Backyard, Drinking for 11, State of Mind, Monkeys, Just One More, Last Breath, Weird Beard, The Bell Tower, Silence
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