Makeout Party “Lengths and Limits”

Album Reviews | Aug 17th, 2008

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Record Label: Make Music Collective
Genre: Emo Rock
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Poppy, catchy, and completely inoffensive emo rock. Reminds me a whole lot of about 10 years ago when emo bands could be emotional without being punky. These guys aren’t trying to be hard, and instead they’re writing catchy hooks and strong melodies with enough dynamics. They have some really great keyboards in the songs that I think really accentuate the music as well as some strong harmonies. Think pre-fame Jimmy Eat World or mid-career Promise Ring. Makeout Party are on one of the higher echelons of emo today in my mind.

Okay, so this is probably the first positive review I’ve ever given an emo record. Am I getting softer? Am I suddenly 17 again? Do I need a shoulder to cry on? Makeout Party, you should take this as a huge compliment: you broke through my anti-emo barrier and warmed my heart. Congratulations.

Bottom Line: It’s emo rock. But it’s not bad. At all. Is that scary?
Notable Tracks: Back To Your Ways, Lengths and Limits
Overall Rating: